Monday, October 4, 1999

Ringside Shadows #75: The Oft-Delayed Letters, A Bit O' News Goodness, and More Enthusiasm Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Well... here I am, nearly a week after I'd planned to throw out this letters column, and a good chunk of the mail I'd meant to post is outdated. Shit. As is par for the course, I've come bearing excuses.. but I doubt that's really what anybody's come to hear about. I'll be working on a couple new banners for various writers before I'm consumed once again with the beast that is design work.

Anyway. Apologies to Steph, Eric, Bryan and Ryan.. your letters were on my list to be printed, but aren't really prudent anymore, through my own fault. My apologies for that, I'll do my best to see that I don't pull this again..

I've a comment or two on the news of the day before I get to the few letters that remain relevant, so here goes..

Vince Russo leaves for WCW

I was hoping to get the first thoughts up on this one, but it looks like Matt beat me to the punch. I don't think words can describe how big this move is.. In the long run, this could mean several things.. we could see a combination team of Ric Flair and Russo leading WCW to success with a combination of their strengths (Flair with the wrestling aspect... Russo with the angles and storylines). There's a chance this could lead to a more adult WCW product, which is highly unlikely (seeing as how officials killed the Lenny and Lodi angle, and it can't hold a torch to some of the things going on in the WWF). Or this could mean the end of pure wrestling as we know it, which is probably more likely than the first, more ideal, option.

Russo and WCW don't mix. That thought's first and foremost in my mind. It's like trying to mix water and oil.. it's just not a likely combination. I could be proven wrong.. lord knows it's happened many times before.. but I don't think this is the way to WCW's revival. Things were really starting to look up for Turner's product, and it appeared the healing process had begun.

Who knows? Maybe Russo will prove all the naysayers wrong and bust out a dynamic product that completely blows us all away and revolutionizes the industry.

But maybe not. As far as I'm concerned, so long as it gets Kevin Nash and Hogan out of their respective bookers' chairs, it can't be all bad.

Anyway.. like I said, I got a couple letters.

Zac had a quick note about an old reply I made to some viewer mail..

"As for Matt and I's marriage... we had to call it off. Our girlfriends were pissed. So to everybody who recieved the invitations... sorry.." And I had just gotten you to some chocolate paste... oh fizzles. Nice colomn, good opinions... :)"

I just had to run this one, so I could remind everybody about my tactful comment regarding Matt and I's marriage. Just so everybody knows, we're currently both sticking with our girlfriends and no signs of a romantic rekindling are present. Though if it means some free chocolate paste, anything's possible...

ThornWithin actually sent me 2 emails, which have been combined into one for the viewer's pleasure.

"Whats wrong with Ivory... she is more beautiful then fat Mona who you like so much... Mona looks great but she is so damn fat.. if she would lose some 20 pounds she could be compared... maybe to gorgeous Ivory...

-At the very least, Benoit got some offense in on Sid... even strapping him into the crossface before lying down to another sad powerbomb. Still.. this is no way to elevate somebody, and fans aren't likely to accept the crippler as a world title contender, especially considering the loss was clean.

Hey its simple, Sid was a bit more over then BEnoit so he got the clean victory... have you ever heard of the wrestlers like Rock... how many time did they job until they finally started to get clean victories ... you have to realize that a fine wrestler like BEnoit can not get over being what he is in this society structure... People like Austin and Rock are only real marketable wrestlers today... and thats sad of course.... BEnoit is only old fashion hell of a wrestler who cant draw more then 2.8.... sad ... BUT TRUE..."

I'll go for the Ivory bit first.

I don't find her attractive in the least. She's more than likely twice my age, (making her over 40), plastic, fake, full of herself, and isn't that wonderful of a worker. In short; she's the WWF. Sure she'll take a couple bumps, but her matches are a crime against humanity.. she shows way too much leg for someone of such a physique, and has a voice comparable to two squirrles on the brink of starvation, slowly being stripped of their life's fur. I've never been that large a supporter of Mona, but I can handle her much more easily. She's more real than Ivory, shows a lot less leg (Personally, I think nothing's sexier than a fully clothed woman.. there's no intrigue if you've seen it all) and actually appears to have a good set of moves in a ring. So long as WCW keeps her off the mic and in the ring, I won't be complaining.. much.

Regarding your other comments.. I'm a bit confused. Your comparison of the Rock to Benoit is about as unfounded as they come; the Rock was pushed nearly to the moon upon his debut. He was given the Intercontinental belt within a year of his first appearance, and has never been without solid backstage support. His ring skills aren't an eighth of Benoit's, and he can work a mic much better than the Crippler. Benoit's fought for years to get this far, and his US title run lasted a month and a half, and ended at the hands of one of the least talented individuals in our sport.

I'll agree that Sid may've appeared more over, though the majority of it was cheap heat. I'm still not arguing with WCW's decision at the PPV.. I'm glowing from the Sting match that followed. But if you're debating Benoit's stance with the audience, listen to the roar following any of his matches. He may not be the most over man in the dressing room when he comes out, but nobody gets the crowd into the show with one match better than Benoit.

That's it for me.. thanks for writing, everybody, and I'll be back tomorrow with ye olde Tuesday Review.
until then, i remain

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